Our mission

Software makes life easier for anyone who uses it. Being able to program software offers job opportunities for people who are looking for employment and their own home in our or other countries, and the demand is high. With our project we want to connect both needs and make life easier for people. 


Devugees - Why we do it

The Digital Career Institute operates with Devugees a training program for refugees and those who have the right to stay, who are interested in a technical qualification for the German job market.


We are convinced that Devugees will help to integrate refugees more effective into Germany and the German society. In our opinion education is the most important key for a succesfull life and work start. We don´t only say "Refugees welcome!" - we want to implement and live it.


Refugees welcome!


Our Team

The Devugees team consists of entrepreneurs, employees and freelancers of the Berlin Start-up scene. What we all have in common is our willingness to help, our professional networks and the opportunity to connect the tech scene with people who had to flee their homeland.


All of us are concerned about the current refugee crisis and are outraged by the negative and aggressive reactions which we cannot understand. We asked ourselves what we can do to help. The obvious thing for us to do was to begin with our own strengths and experiences. We know the tech-scene and we know how to plan, structure and implement projects with the support of appropriate companies who support our project and who are looking forward to applicants.


Now is the time! We can start with Devugees. We are looking forward to all participants in the project phase. And we are happy about any kind of support.


Thank you!