Costs of the training - Is it eligible?

The course is divided into different modules which you can put together individually. According to the combination results the price. Important for you to know is that the training, also every module as such, will be eligible. This means that you can achieve an education voucher under certain circumstances which pays your training.


The job afterwards - Do I get an employment for sure?

We can guarantee you an employment as probation period after your Devugees-graduation which is conditional to a definite success rate in your exams. And of course we help you in terms of applications et cetera. We stand by your side on every step to your first job.


The team

  • Mozamel A.
  • Stephan B.
  • Maria C.
  • Sergio C.
  • Aniss E.
  • Johannes K.
  • Angelo J.
  • Lisa N.
  • Adiba S.
  • Felix W.
  • Steffen Z.